About Dank Oil

The Best Dispensary Deals Updated Every 15 Minutes

From the creators of DabConnection, Dank Oil is here to bring you the best deals from dispensaries. We are currently building out new cities and adding more dispensaries as we go.

Our goal is to help local users navigate the many deals in their own town and help visitors to find the best deals without having to sign up for a bunch of promotions before they even get there.

Since building the site we have noticed some dispensaries send out text, some send email deals while others only list specials on their home page. You can click on that particular cities all specials like dankoil.com/lvnew to see what’s been sent out recently or go to our page for that dispensary to see what the latest deals are.

For dispensaries that don’t send out an email or text blast, we link directly to their deals page so you can cut through the fluff.

Land in a city, go to DankOil.com, click a city and find the best deals right there!

If you see a bug or would like to suggest a dispensary or city, contact us here!