Nevada Cannabis Tourist FAQ

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The state of Nevada, already a world-class tourist mecca, has put itself on the map all over again as the world’s new favorite tourist destination for cannabis consumers. Both the veteran pothead and the curious marijuana experimenter, as well as the practical medical cannabis patient, can come to Nevada and find facilities to suit every taste.

This guide is aimed at the first-time cannabis tourist visiting Las Vegas (you can apply this to Laughlin and Reno as well without much difference). Since the concept of cannabis legalization is still new to most people, you’re bound to have a few questions – and our FAQ is intended to answer them all in one place!

What Do I Need To Purchase Marijuana In Nevada?

For recreational purposes, all you need is to be over the age of 21, and have a valid government ID. This extends to both out-of-state tourists and international tourists.

For medical purposes, out-of-state residents can acquire a Nevada medical cannabis card, although the process takes 30 days. If you don’t have that kind of time, your out-of-state medical cannabis card is also good in Nevada! Albeit, you still must comply with Nevada regulations for use of that card (bound to be more relaxed than the state you just came from anyway).

How Much can You Purchase At Once?

For recreational users, you may purchase up to 1 ounce of dried plant (“flower”) and up to 3.5 grams of THC concentrate (extracts, vape cartridges, etc.) at one time.

Medical users (or their appointed caregivers) are extended the allowance of 2.5 ounces of flower or concentrates combined.

See this handy guide for weights and measures of cannabis for the unfamiliar.

Where Can I Consume Cannabis Products as a Tourist in Nevada?

Here’s where those purchase limits make sense: If you purchase marijuana products in Nevada, you have to consume them in Nevada too. Where can you do that? Not necessarily at the dispensary!

Legally, you cannot consume (via smoking, vaping, dabbing, etc.) cannabis in Nevada on public property or at venues open to the public, including bars and casinos. You can legally consume cannabis products at a private residence, or on private property if allowed by the host. Your options as a tourist are:

    • AirBNB – A popular option, plenty of locations available right near the strip
    • Some hotels and lounges – ask ahead of time, some may only allow smoking on the balcony or patio
    • Cannabis tours – Guided tours can provide you with a private facility
    • Any private residence – got a friend in town? You’re covered!

What About Consuming Discretely? (*wink* *wink*)

As we find it, Nevada enforcement doesn’t seem too fussy about cannabis consumption. Don’t blaze in front of a casino in the middle of Las Vegas Strip while flipping off a cop. But it’s not like police stop and frisk everybody on every corner.

    • Edibles are the last word in discretion – You can eat a bag of gummies anywhere. It’s nobody else’s business what the ingredients are.
    • Tinctures of THC concentrate apply likewise.
    • Vapes are preferable to smoking – They leave less odor and the cloud dissipates faster.
    • In hotels, simply specify you want a “smoking” room and leave it at that – You’re fine as long as nobody complains.

However, there are some situations which you should always avoid:

    • Consuming in a vehicle – This is forbidden for driver and passenger, in any vehicle at all, even in your own parked car!
    • Federal land – Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, so no partying at public parks, lakes, national forests, campgrounds, and so on.
    • Transporting out of state – While some people do this anyway, it’s forbidden by federal law.

Where Can I Find the Best Value Purchase?

We put together this whole site to answer that question! Simply browse our city dispensary guide to find the best deals.

As a rule of thumb, cannabis prices are affected by the tourism factor; dispensaries on or near the Strip, Freemont Street, or any touristy area are generally more expensive than the places the locals frequent.

The Nevada cannabis industry allows for greater wholesale trade in products, which means that many dispensaries may sell product which they did not produce. In other states, dispensaries tend to work directly with cultivators or production facilities. The upshot is that you might see the same brand name across several dispensaries.

What Taxes Should I Expect?

The Nevada recreational cannabis tax rate is 18.375%. The Nevada medical cannabis tax rate is 8.375%. The difference is that both are subject to the state tax rate, but recreational users pay an additional 10% excise tax.

If a product does not contain significant amounts of THC, such as CBD or Delta 8, only the state tax rate of 8.375% applies.

Some stores in unincorporated areas of the city may charge an additional 3% tax, for a total rate of 21.375% tax.

Do keep in mind that states aren’t legalizing cannabis out of the goodness of their hearts!

Stay Safe and Have Fun!

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