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Farm Starz San Francisco Latest Deals

July 2, 2021 Farm Starz San Francisco San Francisco 0

Fri, 02 Jul 2021 01:09:21 +0000 (UTC)
Tree’s are here!

2 day- OUNCE Sale! Indoor “Gelonade” smallz Gelato X Lemon tree 24% THC

Gelonade is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Lemon Tree with Gelato #41. Gelonade produces tingly and uplifting effects that will make you feel like a social butterfly. This strain features mostly sweet flavors like fruity citrus and vanilla. Gelonade is a popular strain in California. Medical marijuana patients this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with pain and anxiety.

$99.00 $145.00

Buffet Pack- 6 Gummies Kanha, Camino, Smokiez $99.00Price Buffet Pack: Kanha Hybrid Peach 100mg THC Kanha Sativa Grapefruit 100mg THC Smokiez Jamberry Chews 100mg Smokiez Tropical Fruit Chews 100mg Camino Sleep Midnight Blueberry Gummies 100mg THC, 10mg CBN Camino Bliss Watermelon 100mg THC Flavors will may vary based on availability.

The Cannaseur Choice for Vaping! Friendly Farms X Connected BISCOTTI 2.0 $50.00 Friendly Farms x Connected – Biscotti – Cured Resin Cartridge – 1g

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