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August 12, 2021 Farm Starz San Francisco San Francisco 0

Thu, 12 Aug 2021 00:37:45 +0000
Indoor Exotic Cherry DeathStarz 34% THC Indica


If you’re a high-THC strain connoisseur, Cherry Death Star is one you should try, should you be fortunate enough to stumble upon it. It’s a cross between Death Star and Cherry Pie, which are two potent strains, causing Cherry Death Star’s average THC level to be 31%.Its peppery aroma can be seemingly sweet with a citrus undertone. Its taste is a bit more skunk-like with a hint of diesel. Cherry Death Star grows into small round nuggets that are covered in deep greens. They have a touch of purple along with orange hairs or pistils that sometimes lighten to tan.Cherry Death Star is reputed to help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as to offer some consumers help with pain relief and discomfort from inflammation.This Indica-dominant hybrid has also been used for relaxation and dozing-off, some users have reported. They also noted that it helped rid them of negative feelings.


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