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MediThrive San Francisco Latest Deals

July 23, 2021 MediThrive San Francisco San Francisco 0

Fri, 23 Jul 2021 21:27:00 +0000
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Fresh Flower Drops

Flowers, flowers, everywhere! We are up to our necks in flowers and need your help to smoke ’em all!

Lit House

Red Dragon

Dark Dosi

Orange Daiquiri

Lemon Lava

Alien Labs


KryptoChronic 7G smalls

Connected Cannabis

The Chemis





Tangie Ting

Jet Fuel OG

Northern Emeralds

Legendary OMG (41% THC)

Glazed Jelly Donut

Purple Champagne

Brand Arrivals

Products You’ll Want to Try Next

We’re super excited to welcome in the BLEM & Cali Lotus family and the gorgeous flower they’re bringing to market.

Let’s talk about BLEM. First of all, what is a blem? Well according to the company.

BLEM \blem\ – flower brand – a state of being really, really high.

This isn’t just their name, it’s their vibe. Inspired by the Caribbean dancehall dialect (patois), BLEM is proud to present the following collection of strains:

Unruly (OG Kush Indica)

Boasy (Butterscotch Hybrid)

Lemon Ting (Lemon Cherry Cookies Hybrid)

Tangie Ting (Tangie Sativa)

Cyattie (Gelato X Mochi Hybrid)

And they’re cultivated by Cali Lotus

But who is Cali Lotus?

Tracing its roots back to the early 2000s in Southern California, Cali Lotus has strived to achieve one goal: to consistently cultivate high quality cannabis, specifically OG Kush.

Boasting a rich history of widely sought-after strains—including being one of the original collaborators of JetFuel OG as well as the original cultivator of the award-winning Billy Kimber OG and 40 Elephants.

Cali Lotus is focused on cultivating the flower brands BLEM and JetFuel OG.

And they just hit our shelves this afternoon.

Returning Product

King’s Garden is back!

We’re excited to bring in their award-winning flower in the Baller Jar.

What is a ‘Baller Jar’?

7 Grams of the best from King’s Garden.

This flower represents near perfection of what the strain’s potential is. From the nose, look, and smoke, King’s Garden Baller jars are the pinnacle of growing excellence.

San Francisco

East Bay

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