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September 18, 2021 MediThrive San Francisco San Francisco 0

Sat, 18 Sep 2021 19:45:23 +0000
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Bone chilling Connected flower and Camino edibles are in your future.

Thrive with MediThrive!

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Because you deserve it!

You tell us what you want, and we listen.

You want daily specials

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But we go one step further

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Every week we predict delicious cannabis in your future

and gather them together in a detailed weekly forecast

for your browsing pleasure.

*see our Beat ’em by a Buck page
for more details.

Happy Spooky Saturday!

You have big plans and you need to be equipped

with the right cannabis for the job.

Whether you sink into the couch for some quality me-time, hang out with your people, or go to an interview that will determine your future, the trees you choose will make all the difference.

And I bet you are ready for some frightful fun too.

With Halloween approaching, our flowers are beginning to grow teeth and claws. You think I’m kidding?

Be sure to read the news about Connected’s mysterious strain and deliciously bloody edibles fit for a vampire.

Shall we predict the rest of this week?

Let’s take a look into our crystal ball.

Your forecast for September 18th through September 23rd has arrived.

Scroll and find your favorites.

Hurry in while they last. Subject to change.



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Blood Orange Camino Edibles

Journey back into the shadows with Kiva this Halloween.

Their Blood Orange gummies pair perfectly with a frightful night, full of goosebumps and heart-pounding excitement.

The intense, sweet flavor of Blood Orange along with an exhilarating blend of sativa-like terpenes will awaken your inner thrill-seeker.

The trickiest part of this treat? Starting with just one.

Kiva’s History

Kiva was founded in 2010 with a clear mission – change how the world views and uses cannabis for the better. Frustrated by the inconsistent, low-quality edibles available at the time, a young couple began making chocolate bars out of their Bay Area kitchen.

Today, their chocolates, mints, and gummies are the most trusted, recommended and sought-after edibles on the market.

Roads were made for journeys, not destinations. So while physical roads can take you to a physical place, Camino (“road” in Spanish) takes you to a state of mind. Inspired by the historic El Camino Real, a 600-mile stretch of California road that wanders through the vineyard & Joshua Tree, to the cliffs of Big Sur—Camino is a collection of premium cannabis confections designed to evoke the enchanting experience of travel.

Each of Camino’s distinct gummy flavors contains a unique blend of natural terpenes and cannabinoids carefully crafted to conjure the feelings of a distinct, iconic landscape.

Combined with premium flavor profiles and packed into a unique double-peak shape, Camino is the most tailored edible experience on the market.

And Camino Blood Orange is a frightfully delicious flavor.

We dare you to try them.



Take me to Camino

Pantera Limones by Connected

A strain so potent,

even in the dark,

you’ll know it’s Connected.

The Origin Story as Connected Tells It

“High from the mountain tops,

deep in the lush jungles of the island of Capri,

lived the legend of Pantera Limone.

A panther that had only been spotted

by the light of its eyes and the trail of its scent,

the towns people had long known of its history,

but never discovered the truth.

Day by day the pheromones

continued to grow overbearing,

and a hunt began to cleanse

the town of the putrid smell.

Following the path through the dense foliage of the jungle,

what they discovered was unimaginable.

The smell had not come from the panther itself,

but from the fields of Pantera Limone

that it had been concealed in.”


One hit of Pantera Limone

will transport your senses straight to the tropics.

Layered with notes of fresh squeezed lime

and an earthy funk,

this strain carries a rancid stench

you will not forget.

What are the genetic?

The suspense will last forever because this is what Connected has to say about it.

“Since 2016, Connected has worked extensively on evolving the breeding program to what it is today. Our goal is to search for and create unique terpene profiles regardless of THC or plant yield.

Through this evolution, we have come to understand that the parent genetics will not always transfer characteristics of the offspring it produces. Instead of developing a potentially false, preconceived notion on what you may be smoking, we want every individual’s purely unbiased opinion.”

So how can you tell if this strain is something you will like?

The answer is in the terpenes and cannabinoids.

Connected explains, “As we further explore the different terpenes as well as Cannabinoids percentages (other than THC), we continue to better understand how different strains can fit your personal consumption preference.

Knowing the specific percentages and combinations of terpenes in a strain and how they affect your personal endocannabinoid system allows you to use real information to determine which is right for your needs. That’s something the cross alone doesn’t always accurately represent.”

And there you have it!

Do you want to solve the mystery?

Tap the button and it will take you straight to the illusive Pantera Limone.



Take me to Pantera Limone

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