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Exotic Galactic Gas 28% THC (Indoor Mini Nugs) 1/8 $50 1/4 $90 Half OZ $160 OZ $265

This batch is completely covered in trichromes with deep purple and light greens. Nose is sweet and sharp. Nug size range from small to med but what they lack in size makes up in quality! 10/10.The Galactic Gas strain is a rare one to find and usually sparks interest in connoisseurs. It grows small round colorful buds, with vivid greens, purples, and yellows winding their way through each other along with pastel orange pistils.Galactic Gas’s aroma can be quite potent and tends to linger in a room for a while. It’s skunky and like jet fuel, with a bit of pine on the exhale when smoking or vaping.Galactic Gas THC levels average around 20%. Reviewers have reported having an out-of-this-world experience as their mood improved and their body fell into a state of bliss. Some said they experienced enhanced creativity as negative thoughts left their mind, while others liked the sensation of relaxation making their limbs heavy.

$50.00 $55.00

beardbros_pharms The use of cannabis has blossomed during the pandemic — including among many professionals who, while working from home, have made the consumption of products like cannabis-infused beverages and edibles, as well as marijuana, a bigger part of their routines. The Los Angeles-based marketing firm Material, whose clients include Amazon and Coca-Cola, sought to determine whether the habits of cannabis-consuming professionals during the pandemic mirrored those of cannabis users overall. In a survey of 450 individuals in corporate management positions, 46% said they increased their consumption since working from home became the norm amid the pandemic. Of those, 61% said they didn’t consider it a permanent change and intended to return to their normal usage levels post-pandemic. – And the firm found that a large majority are open about their cannabis consumption: 73% said they were comfortable talking about it with coworkers, while 58% said they wouldn’t mind talking about it to their bosses or clients. Cannabis had already achieved wider acceptance even before the pandemic. But over the past year, to cope with life in these challenging times, more consumers have turned to it for its wellness benefits. As before Covid, people are embracing cannabis for reasons that vary from improving their mental health, stoking productivity and creativity, and enhancing the quality of their sleep to simply alleviating boredom. Even an icon of domesticity and propriety, Martha Stewart, an outspoken proponent of cannabis, got in the game, partnering with Canopy Growth to lend her brand name to a line of CBD products (for humans and for pets) that launched during the pandemic.

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