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What are we SMOKING?

The crew at Farm Starz sample everything we sell on the menu for a few reasons. We love the vibe cannabis brings. To make sure we bring nothing but FIRE! Share our opinion and experience with our customers. As much as possible we will give you our CANNASSEUR review. (Cannasseur is a play on the words connoisseur and cannabis). A cannasseur is one who enjoys the consumption of cannabis, and studies the many varieties and their differing effects. Our reviews will be graded on a scale of 5 starz. Here are the categories: 1. Nose- Defined as (aroma, terpene profile) How loud or strong is the smell? Can you smell it when you walk in the room or do you have to open the bag? Is the smell pleasant or does it remind you of a wet basement? Is it “GAS”, Fruity, Earthy? 2. Look- How do the buds look? We look for color, bud structure, bud size, and how well trimmed is the flower. Buzz cut, clean cut with some bangs, or nappy bed head? (ALL FLOWER PRODUCT PICS are of ACTUAL BUDS for sale on our site. We do not misrepresent by taking stock photos! Shout out photo/vid cred @thebudographer, @rndcharles and myself “Drew”) 3. Cure- After cannabis is harvested the buds need time to dry and develop its potency. You can tell how well the buds have cured by the touch. Are they dense, dry, flaky, soft, sticky? 4. Smoke- Most of the time if it looks good and smells good it should smoke good, but there are times where its all show and no go! We’ll let you know if it puts us down in relaxation, shoots us up to creativity, or somewhere in-between. *Any reviews we share is based on our opinion and experience. It does not mean you will have the same experience or views.

“The hysteria was real. People were buying edibles like they were buying toilet paper.” If the word-of-mouth popularity of its confections transformed Wyld, the pandemic has sent the brand into overdrive. During the second quarter of 2020, overall edibles sales hit an all-time high of $227 million, according to Seattle-based cannabis market analysis company Headset, thanks to unprecedented numbers of people at home stressed about Covid-19, the economy—and running out of herb. Wyld has been able to capture 14.5% of the $637 million in year-to-date edibles sales across California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon, according to data from Headset. “The hysteria was real,” says Kaza, Wyld’s sales director. “People were buying edibles like they were buying toilet paper.”

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