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Note that MediThrive will show multiple days of deals below
Kiva is back, plus fresh drops, and more.

From April 1 thru April 20th

we will be pumping out a ton of savings for you.

Every 5 days, they will change.

And it’s your job to get ’em fast

because supplies are limited.

So what’s hot right now?

Check it out!

April 6th – April 10th


$20 Lumen & Deli Greens 1⁄8ths

$55 for 7g of Phinest Cannabis Indoor Smalls

That means $27.50 an 1/8th!

(must purchase 1/4 oz)

$1 Buddy Buddy .5g cartridge

with every Buddy Buddy ⅛th

Strains Available: Northern Nights

and GMO Cookies


Add up to 3 single cookies OR chocolates for 5¢

each when you buy any ‘private reserve’ 1⁄8th ($65+)

Qualifying brands: GreenDawg Cultivators,

Turtle Pie Co, Alien Labs,

Connected, and Archive.

$40 for two 4-packs of PBR Cannabis Seltzer

10% Off all Dosist Gummies

$1 Big Pete’s cookies (60mg)

with a 10 pack at regular price

Three 10mg Punch chocolate for 15¢

(Strawberry, Milk Chocolate, or Mint)

When you one Punch chocolate

OR malt balls at regular price


$50 for Fun Uncle

Get two 1G carts for $25 each

Save $15 on GoodBrands

get the 2nd disposable half price


$4.20 Caliva ‘House Doobies’

*Limit 2 per customer per day*

$1 Red Tarantula

when you get 2 Blue Tarantulas

$21 on two Baker 4 packs


$80 for 4 Grams of ‘Jelly Wax’

Plus get a $1 preroll

$1 1G of ‘Moonbow’ Live Resin

with any 2 Alien Labs or Connected


Health and Wellness

$1 Sleep Well Tincture

when you get one at regular price


15% Off

All concentrates (1G Dabs)

All cartridges and PAX pods

All strain specific & live resin filled capsules

Hurry in while supplies last!

All deals are subject to change.

Visit MediThrive

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with our

MediThrive Forecast

Don’t worry! Your weekly favorites

aren’t going anywhere!

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Kanha Happy Hour 4-7pm

Penny Kanha Gummies

When you get 2 at regular price


a NANO5 tincture


Hash Wednesdays

Save 20% on Lowell

All solventless products


25% off Island prerolls

Fridays thru Sundays

$1 Good New Gummies

When you get two at reg price

Plus, everyday we will have “secret” 420

specials for our loyal customers.

Check in daily to snag the best!


Check it out!


Look who’s back! – Kiva Confections

MediThrive is thrilled that Kiva products will be on our shelves again and we hope you are too! Kiva arrives on Friday afternoon. Help us to give them a warm welcome and grab one of their incredible edibles on your next visit.

Take a look at this Kiva product lineup!

Kiva Camino Gummies

Midnight Berry (with CBN)

Pineapple Habanero

Wild Cherry

Kiva Petra Mints

Moroccan Mints

Kiva Terra Bites

Blueberry milk chocolate bites

Dark Chocolate Espresso bean bites

But that’s not all the Kiva news!

We are proud to introduce Lost Farm gummies by Kiva.

These are live resin infused gummies that delivers a true full-spectrum high that is closest to smoking. This is the edible to replicate that experience for you.

With strain-specific options available from Lost Farm, there is now a gummy for the daily smoker or for edible lovers who are interested in experiencing a smoker’s high.

Available Friday evening.


Raspberry Blue Dream

Raspberry Wedding Cake

Sour Apple Dosido


Strawberry GG4

Dropping Like It’s Hot!

Fresh drops available for purchase today!

Floracal Farms Slurricrasher is in the house! These are beautiful purple nugs, frosted over and testing at 28% THC for $45

Lit House Modified Grapes is back with 24% THC and we also have a new batch of Dark Dosi (27% THC).

New strain alert! Northern Emeralds just released Caramel Apple Romulan testing at 29%THC and MediThrive has it in stock! Don’t wait because we have a limited supply. Also from New Emeralds is a new batch of Chaop’s Churros. These are big chunky nugs testing at 31% THC.

Let’s go to MediThrive!

And last but not least

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If you have questions, our knowledgeable and friendly staff are ready to provide the answers. Call us from 10am to 10pm Monday through Saturday and 11pm to 8pm Sunday.


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– Team Medithrive

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San Francisco CA 94103

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