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Turtle Pie and Greendawg are back plus more fresh drops you’ll want to try.

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Your forecast for June 11th through June 16th has arrived.

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Everyday Price Drops You’ll Love

MediThrive works hard to give you quality products with the smallest impact to your wallet.

We are happy to announce 6 HUGE names with cannabis edibles, cartridges, and flowers that you’ll see at a permanently lower cost.

EMERALD SKY – Peanut Butter Cups 10 pack: $18 $16

BUDDIES – 1 gram live resin cartridges: $47 $45

BUDDIES – 1 gram live resin drippers: $40 $36

BAKER’S – 1/2 ounce pre-ground: $55 $45

PHINEST- 7 gram indoor smalls: $65 $55

DELI GREENS – $25 $20

CONNECTED/ALIEN LABS – Indoor 1/8ths: $75 $70

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Fresh Drops Available Friday

Do you love the idea of cannabis no one has tried yet?

When you hear about a fresh strain drop does your curiosity go nuts?

Us too.

We can’t wait for these shipments to arrive Friday! And we hope you’ll join us.

5 strains of Punch Extracts Rosin will arrive at MediThrive Friday. These strains have not been on shelves before.

And we don’t know what they will be! You’ll need to walk in or pick up the phone and ask us all about it.

We also have some of your favorites coming back in stock. Are you ready for this list? It’s going to be tough picking which ones to go after.

Alien Labs is invading our shelves again to deploy Xeno and Atomic Apple.

Connected Cannabis will be delivering a small batch of Gelato 41.

We have Greendawg Cultivators topping the THC charts again just in time for Summer with their Heatwave testing at 35.76%. Rainbow Belts is another strain that will color your world at 25.83% THC.

Turtle Pie is right behind Greendawg with their Cali Mocho testing at 34.79%. Would an X Rose by any other name smell as sweet? We don’t know, but at 29.53% THC, who really cares?

Glass House Farms is our final drop of the week, bringing us some Ice Cream Cake and Papaya Punch to cool us off.

So come on in Friday or kick back and order delivery. The one thing you don’t want to do is wait for these strains to disappear.

Grab yours soon!

But in the meantime, let’s take a look at what we have in stock today.

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Do you remember that it’s National Candy month?

Kahna We Have More Candy?


Last week, MediThrive promised you candy and we provide!

Kahna has done us a tremendous favor by extending their Happy Hour celebration to all day Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When you purchase 2 Kahna gummies, you’ll receive a 3rd for a penny.

You don’t need to watch the clock anymore to snag your penny candy. Just come in on any Tuesday or Thursday at anytime.

Do You Eat the Creme Center First?

There is a certain chocolate sandwich cookie with white creme in the middle.

We take them apart, eat the filling, and then dunk the rest in a cold cup of milk.

Or maybe, you’re a barbarian and dunk the whole thing.

You do dunk, right? It’s sacrilegious if you don’t!

No matter how you eat them, you can’t resist the temptation to snack on one if they are in the same room with you. Am I right?

But I forget, who makes them again?

No. That’s not it.

It’s Emerald Sky Edibles.

I’m not kidding, and this isn’t your ordinary sandwich cookie.

The chocolatiers at Emerald Sky Edibles have created their own cannabis chocolate cookie that might just be better than the original American classic.

Each delicious cookie is infused with 10mg of famed Northern California Cannabis.

They are perfect for taking on the go while ensuring freshness and dosage control. Slip a few of these individually wrapped cookies in your pocket and make every day worth celebrating.

You want cookies, don’t you? Treat yourself today. Check ’em out!

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