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Travis Scott’s collab with Connected: Cactus Farm PYT Jack arrived today.

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Travis Scott in collaboration

with Connected Cannabis

launched Cactus Farms

Travis Scott created his own line of premium indoor flower and called it Cactus Farms. But he hasn’t done it alone, he partnered with one of the best cannabis companies in California, Connected Cannabis Company.

One dispensary in all of San Francisco was chosen to receive their first strain.

And who did Connected Cannabis choose to carry Cactus Farms flower?

We are thrilled to announce that MediThrive has the honor.

No other dispensary in San Francisco will be carrying this bud.

And it’s not just coming to our dispensary,

you can find it at MediThrive today!

Want to learn more?

Cactus Farms first strain has been named PYT Jack.

It originally hit the news as Peyote Jack,

but due to copyrights, it needed to be abbreviated.

So if you heard about this strain, fear not.

It is the same beautiful purple bud you hoped for.

PYT Jack is an Indica dominant strain

with flavors of sweet pungent gas on the inhale

and a berry twist. And with a name like Connected behind it, you know it’s going to be delectable.

Where do I find it?

If you are shopping in San Francisco,

one dispensary is carrying PYT Jack.

If you have been following, you guessed it — MediThrive.

How much?

$70 + tax


It’s on our shelves, and it’s going to disappear quickly. We have no idea when we will receive more, so move fast.

Take me to Cactus Farms

Is Cactus Farms not your cup of tea?

If you aren’t a flower fan, we understand.

With our selection, you’re bound to find something you love.

Your forecast for August 20th through August 26th has arrived.

Scroll and find your favorites.

Hurry in for these savings while they last. All deals are subject to change.



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Fresh Drops

Rosin and Flowers for Miles

This is our favorite part of our weekly email and we hope it’s yours too. You want to keep your nose tickled and your taste buds fired up for flavor.

This week’s lineup of fresh drops has us salivating for some sativa.

Punch Rosin

Pssst! You haven’t tasted the flavors of Punch Rosin

that will be hitting our shelves all weekend long.

When you want to try something fresh and tasty, be sure to visit or sit back and let us bring it to your door.


Bananas Foster

Banana Foster is a hybrid that leans to Sativa and has a one seed limited genetics. It’s the lovechild of Lemon Banana Sherbet and Sugar Daddy, so you know it’s going to smell like banana pudding and lemons with a flavor of haze and lemon cream.

Walgredo is back

If you haven’t tried this Sativa leaning hybrid yet, you shouldn’t wait any longer. Seed Junky Genetics has bred Ice Cream Cake with Animal Mints bx1 to create a fuel forward sweet minty smoke. It literally has a menthol flavor on the exhale.


4 strains arrived this morning and they are high testers.

Turtle Pie Co.

These killer strains will be available Tuesday AM

Sunday Paper

Sunday Paper is a staff favorite. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear is simply delicious. It’s a product of Bag Seed and Gelato. This bud doesn’t just smell delightful, it’s earthy yet citrus flavor will keep you coming back for more.

And two strains you haven’t smoked before, Kelly’s Cove and Grits n’ Jam. These strains are so mysterious that not even Google can tell us anything about them.

Maybe you should try them and put some reviews out there for the rest of the world. Be the first to tell us what you think.

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