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More fresh drops, and what is Jose doing with those scissors?

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Hit Pay Dirt This Weekend

Let’s Go 49ers!

It’s a big game this weekend, the whole city seems to be holding their breath while waiting for Sunday’s game.

Be well prepared for the festivities with Medithrive’s specials. We have a lot of surprises leading up to and on the day of the game Sunday at 3:30pm Pacific.

See that big red button below?

It will take you to this Week’s Specials.

Go for it.


Touchdown on this Link

You don’t want to push the button?

Oh, I see. You want fresh drops and news.

You know me too well.

Okay, here we go!

Whether you’re watching the game solo or with friends, cruise by MediThrive and grab your favorite treats before the game.

If you do, we’ll hook you up with a preroll for the pre-game.

All orders placed on Sunday before 3:30pm will receive a 1G Preroll for a penny.

And you’ll get to Mix N’ Match some of that glorious flower all weekend long (Friday through Sunday) and keep over $100 in your pocket.

– Spoiler alert –

This deal reveals a brand that just joined our shelves.

Mix n’ Match

Lit House – Canndescent – Pure Beauty – Sherbinskis – Panacea – Greenline

1 oz for $400 $285

1/2 oz for $200 $160

1/4 oz for $90

Did you catch that spoiler? If not, read more below.

Sherbinskis Has Returned

(You Have to Try This Pheno-menal Flower)

Sherbinskis is back in San Francisco, where it all started! Mario Guzman (aka Mr Sherbinskis) is still on the hunt for the best genetics, and he’s brought us some special strains to share with your buds (or not!).

Show yourself some love and snag a flavorful trip that’s a cut above the rest.

Available Today

Sun Grown @25 per 1/8th

Gello Gelato – 28% THC

Sunset Sherbert – 28% THC

Premium Indoor @ $50 per 1/8th

Mochi Gelato – 30% THC

Acaiberry Gelato – 37% THC

Gello Gelato – 32% THC

Bacio Gelato – 30% THC

Chew Your Cannabis with Class

Introducing Cannabis Infused Gum by Compliment

If you want a delicious and discrete way to enjoy cannabis, you need Compliment Gum. 10 pieces per package with 10mg of THC per piece for $11 makes it both yummy and budget friendly.

There are 2 flavors available on MediThrive’s shelves:

Lemon Mint & Cool Mint


Starting February 1st, 2022

Your Favorite Brands for Less


It’s that time again, when Jose pulls out the scissors and starts cutting our prices!

Take a look at what he did.

Remember, These will not go into effect until Tuesday, February 1st.

Cannabis Quencher 16oz Beverages $20.00 $16.00

Lowell Herb Co Rosin Disposable $60.00 $45.00

Lowell Herb Co 510 Rosin cart $45.00 $40.00

Lowell Herb Co 1G Live Rosin $60.00 $50.00

Raw Garden 1G Live resin dabs $32.00 $30.00

Deli Greens 1/8th $20.00 $15.00

Good News Gummies $12.00 $10.00

Baker’s Cannabis 1/2oz pre-ground $45.00 $40.00

Jeeter Infused Baby Jeeters $38.00 $36.00

Jeeter Infused XL $36.00 $34.00

Guild Extracts THCa Powder 1G $60.00 $55.00

Guild Extracts 1G Crystalline $65.00 $55.00

That’s all for this forecast, but stay tuned next week when we predict more incredible cannabis in your future.


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