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Turn Your Frown Upside Down

With 710’s Fresh Drops

We wanted to pop more of Cannarado Genetics’ gear.

He knows our buddy Adam G, and we’ve been smoking his work for years.

Well, he blew our minds with this cultivar named the Upside Down Frown. It’s a cross between two of Cannarado’s creations: Zawtz x Grumpz.

And you know that candy gas is right up our alley!

If you want to smoke this incredible live rosin too, tap that blue button and it will take you directly to it.

Smile for 710


710 RSO is Back

Does RSO really need an introduction?

It’s on the shelf, but not for long. You know how sought after this is. If you don’t grab some, who knows when it will be back?


Introducing Maven Genetics

We are always excited to announce when we have fresh drops, but this one is something special.

Maven Genetics is cannabis that strives for excellence.

Maven puts full effort into each of its strains by creating terpene profiles and detailed descriptions that scream sophistication.

Take a look at the four strains that arrived this morning.

Umami Butter

Gelatti and Black Diamond X


35 percent THC

Umami Butter is a euphoric Indica-dominant cross of Gelatti and Black Diamond X expressing a savory and creamy terpene profile.

This strain displays violet and fuchsia tones interwoven between amber stigmas that sit beneath a dense sea of sticky, resinous trichomes.

The Japanese word Umami, which translates to essence of deliciousness, is experienced with each flavor-packed hit of this strain.

Cherry Gas

Triple OG Cherry Frosting Humboldt Gelato


27 to 30 percent THC

A dynamic indica-dominant strain, bred by Happy Dreams Genetics, has beautiful dense nugs, deep olive green and violet tones, clusters of burnt orange stigmas, and a thick coating of trichomes.

Reminiscent of its name, this strain has a fresh and fruity aroma with a sweet flavor profile to match, and strong gassy notes upon exhalation.

Ajo Blanco

Garlic Pancakes and Vanilla Cheesecake


32 to 35 percent THC

Ajo Blanco is a Sativa cross of Garlic Pancakes and Vanilla Cheesecake that is a treat for all of the senses.

This potent and flavorful Sativa has a balanced flavor profile and aroma, with savory and sweet notes blending together to create something truly special.

Orange Truffle Souffle

Orange Julius and Garlic Butter


26 to 34 percent THC

Orange Truffle Soufflé, a cross between Garlic Butter and Orange Julius, is a true sativa that is sure to enhance any daytime experience.

Its nugs are a pale green with hints of plum, wiry orange stigmas and a layer of trichomes so dense that these flowers appear to be covered in clusters of crystals.

Maven’s 1/8th jars of premium flower are $55. But if you snag some of these today, you spend 20 percent less plus a $1 preroll (1G).


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