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Welcome Kalya. Plus, so many fresh drops. Seriously, we have flower everywhere.

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Join us today and hangout with Claybourne

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Event: Friday 4 PM to 7 PM

You don’t want to miss this Claybourne demo.

They’re going to be handing out Claybourne swag.

Plus 1G flower for a penny.

Too busy for an awesome event? That’s so sad. We will miss you.

But it’s okay because we can always bring the delicious cannabis to your door.

Take a look at the rest of this week’s specials.

We have predicted an incredible lineup of your favorite brands and gathered them together in a detailed weekly forecast for your browsing pleasure.

See that big red button below?

Go for it.


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with cannabis

from a dispensary you can trust.

Keep reading for fresh drops from Northern Emeralds and Alien Labs.

And welcome Kalya Extracts to MediThrive.

Yes, you read that right!

Kalya Extracts is at MediThrive

Quite possibly the best concentrates in San Francisco

Kalya means the pursuit of perfection in the sacred Hindu language, Sanskrit, and their extracts remain true to their name.

4 strains are waiting at MediThrive for someone like you to enjoy them.

Show yourself some love and snag a flavorful trip that’s a cut above the rest.

Available Today

@70-75 per gram

Apple Strudel

Indica-dominant hybrid of kushmints x apple fritter and ice cream cake.


Sativa-dominant hybrid of chem 91 and moonbow.

Peaches and Cream

Indica-dominant hybrid of ice cream cake and papaya x strawguava.

Pacific Cooler

Sativa-dominant hybrid of strawberry banana and papaya.

Alien Labs Released Another Strain

If you thought Gemini was fire, you need OmniChronic.

Alien labs omnichronic

Nearly all of the Gemini has been abducted by alien lovers everywhere. We will be receiving more next week in a crop circle (very hush hush). In the meantime, Alien Labs kicked out another strain called Omnichronic that’s sure to light up your weekend.

This strain hits like Dosido with a potent cerebral rush but smooth high, followed by a dreamy, euphoric bliss.

Northern Emerald

Fresh Drops

We are hyped to bring you a full list of Northern Emerald drops.

Let’s break the ice with one of our personal favorites. They brought back their Caramel Apple Romulan in Private Reserve for the second time. This distinct strain packs a punch, like decadence in a shotgun muzzle.

And it’s testing at 42% THC.

Next, we have Dutch Diamonds, a whiff of yesterday with the Dutch terps coming in heavy at 4%, plus soaring sativa nature packed in the jar. Pair it with an indica or two to level the day off and you’ll be coasting all the way through the evening.

But that’s not all. Take a look at the full lineup. These 1/8th jars just arrived, and they’re lonely! They need you to add a little fire to their existence.

We hope you can help them out.

NE Private Reserve $65 per 1/8th


Carmel Apple Romulan (the heavy hitter!)

Northern Emerald at $60 per 1/8th

Chapo’s Churro

Legendary OMG

Our Little Gift to You

Level Protabs for everyone through Sunday

Last but certainly not least, we want to give you a little Level love because big things come in small packages. Don’t shame the size of these tiny but mighty tabs.

We are excited to be handing out 3 tabs of Protabs at 25 mg each for a penny.

Grab your usual cannabis and some ProTabs+ all weekend.

When? Today through Sunday.

Does your THC buzz need a boost? If so, ProTabs may be just what you need.

LEVEL Protab+ tablets are unique among cannabis products.

Emergent cannabinoids have been precisely combined to have a powerful effect.

They’re formulated from 100% cannabis-only cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. No artificial, lab created garbage. It’s also vegan and contains no sugar, gluten, or calories.

Remember, these babies are strong. Your usual edible dose is not your Protab+ dose. You want to start off slow and work your way up.

Begin with half! They are scored to easily split them.

Start low and go slow whether you’re a beginner or veteran user.

Each ProTab+ box is categorized by the experience you want and the effect it will cause so that you can control exactly how your cannabis works.

Leave the guesswork behind and try a dosing method that takes your cannabis to a whole other LEVEL.

And all weekend you can try it for just a penny.

Well, that’s all for this forecast, but stay tuned next week when we predict more incredible cannabis in your future.

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