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20% less on many of your favorites. Greenline drops strans and Alien Labs disappear.

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You stayed to read more?

Well, you won’t be disappointed.

Goodbye, sweet Alien Labs strains.

Hello, Greenline Horchata!

Come Aboard the Greenline

For delicious strain drops

Greenline has two special strain drops this week.

The first is their well-loved Orange Tree sativa. If you haven’t smoked this yet, you are late to the party. Orange Tree by Greenline snagged the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup for “Best Sativa Flower” in both 2017 & 2018.

It’s still super popular.

Recognized for its powerful effects and rich orange fragrance, this well-balanced hybrid has an outstanding flavor and aroma.

And then we have a newcomer, a strain called Horchata by Greenline.

If you are a fan of the iconic rice drink, you might enjoy this sweet and creamy hybrid strain with a hint of berries and spices.


Alien Labs

So Long Gemini and OmniChronic

It’s a sad day for alien lovers. All of the Gemini buds have been abducted. We do not know when (or if) we will see them again.

And Omnichronic is nearly gone.

If you’re wondering what to smoke next, stay calm. We have you covered.

Did you know?

Canndescent flower did something,

and it’s really cool.

People voiced their concerns and Canndescent listened. Instead of labeling their flower with ambiguous names like Cruise and Charge, their selection has shifted to strain specific options you should know about. Seriously, they’re fantastic!

Available Strains

Garlic Breath

Indica testing at 35%

Iced Cherry Cookies

Indica testing at 35%

Jack Herer

Sativa testing at 25%

Miracle Alien 1

Hybrid testing at 34.98%

Larry OG

Hybrid testing at 31.74%

Canndescent premium virgin cannabis comes with hempwick and a humidifier pack to extend the life of your flower.

And best of all, you spend 20% less on all Canndescent 1/8th flower jars and 1 gram prerolls this weekend.

Maven Genetics

Monday Demo and Special

Maven makes Monday something to look forward to.

Join us this Monday, March 28th from 4-7 pm with Maven Genetics.

If you can’t come in, no worries! Spend 20% less on all Maven flower all day long. Just go online and have us bring the cannabis right to your door.

Have a Weekend With Buddies

All the Buddies for 20% Less

Live Resin Cartridges,


Pods, Dabs,


and Capsules

Grab your favorite cannabis this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Well, that’s all for this forecast, but stay tuned next week when we predict more incredible cannabis in your future. Are you ready to dive in?

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