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Exotic Pina Acai

New Strain Alert! Not only a new strain but also a first time strain to the Farm Starz menu. Here’s our thoughts on this locally grown indoor flower. 1. Nose- Loud out of the bag. Super berry aroma. Like a bowl assorted berries. 5 STARZ 2. Look- DENSE, hard, dark blue/green, frosty chrystals. Medium size nugs. 4 STARZ 3. Cure- This was cured just the right amount. No shake, nice and sticky! When you break the nug open you hear a nice snap. 5 STARZ 4. Smoke- Taste, Taste Taste! Super smooth smoke with a creamy, berry flavor. 5 STARZ Overall this strain is uplifting, get some things done, focused, and feeling social!

Pina Acai is a sativa-dominant strain from the Gelato family, whose ancestors include Pineapple and Sunset Sherbert. A full-flavored smoke with tropical, sweet undertones, Acai provides a tasty, carefree high that won’t take you too deep. It’s like going to the frozen yogurt shop in the middle of the afternoon.

$60.00 1/8 $95 1/4 $159 Half $270 FullOZ

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