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Hi Dank,
Welcome to Apify in 2021! We’re bursting with enthusiasm for what has to be a better year and are already expanding our platform, the Apify team, and coming up with lots of new and innovative ways to automate the web 🤖
[1] Live actor run charts in Apify app 📈
You can now see exactly how your actors are performing, with our new live charts for memory and CPU usage.
[Image “usagechart.gif”] If you look closely, you’ll see an unusually high value for maximum CPU usage. This is because actors are given an extra boost to improve startup times 💪
—> Go to your Apify app now to see the chart in action!
[2] Scrape Google Trends with our detailed tutorial 🔮
Google Trends gives you almost superhuman powers of prediction. You can extend these powers with web scraping and gain insight into how people search, and think, across Google.
[Image “googletrends.jpg”] Our Google Trends Scraper is easy to use, but you might like to see a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the most out of it.
—> Find out how to use our Google Trends Scraper
[3] Improvements to Apify API 🧰👷
We’ve made some improvements to the Apify API over the last few weeks to make the API cleaner and more intuitive. Don’t worry – all changes are backward compatible, so you don’t need to change your integrations. But if you’re a developer, you might want to check these out.
API endpoints for actor runs
– Get list of all runs per user
– Get object that contains all details about specific actor run
– Abort actor run
– Transform actor run into run for another actor, with new input
– Resurrect finished actor run
API endpoints for actor builds
– Get list of all builds per user
– Get object that contains all details about specific actor build
– Abort actor build
Unnamed storages now possible
We’ve made the name parameter for storages (dataset, key-value store, request queue) optional. This means you can create unnamed storages. You can find out the difference between named and unnamed storages in our extensive docs.
—> Go to docs to read more about Apify API
[4] Helping the planet with data 🌐🌱🌳🌎
Omdena is a platform where the global AI community collaborates to find innovative and ethical solutions to real-world issues. Omdena used Apify’s ready-made Google Search Results Scraper to scrape and download thousands of policy documents that could then be used to identify ways to promote forest and landscape restoration in Latin America.
[Image “omdenaplanet.jpg”] —> Read more about how Omdena used Apify’s SERP scraper
[5] And we’re still hiring 🚀 Apify is growing fast and we have lots of open positions. Could you be the right person for one of these roles?
– Product manager
– Backend engineer
– Full-stack engineer
– Data scientist
– Technical consultant
We’re hackers who always find a way forward, even if it doesn’t look like there is one. Although we no longer fit into a garage, we still have our garage spirit. We’re building the company that we always wanted to work for. Our core values are to be open, innovative and flexible. We respect people’s time and hate wasting it. We work hard and sometimes party hard 🧗🎮🚣⚽🎸🍻 —> If that sounds good to you, check out our jobs page

[Image “lifeinapify.jpg”]

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