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Hi Dank,
We have an email full of improvements and cool stuff for you today, including a new video that you can use to explain web scraping to your friends and colleagues 🤗
[1] SDK v1 release 🎉
After 3.5 years of rapid development, and a lot of breaking changes and deprecations, Apify SDK v1 is here. We had two goals for this release: stability and adding support for more browsers – Firefox and Webkit (Safari).
[Image “image.png”] The SDK has become really popular over the years, powering thousands of web scraping and automation projects. We think our developers deserve a stable environment to work in and by releasing SDK v1, we commit to only make breaking changes at most once a year with each new major release, and only if absolutely necessary.
Here’s our migration guide so that you can get up to speed with SDK v1.
➡️ Check out the Apify SDK v1.0.0. release notes
[2] New video about web scraping 📺
Need a quick video to explain web scraping and automation to your non-techie colleagues? Our new animated short tells you how Apify works in a touch over two minutes!
[Image “videostill-play.png”] ➡️ Got 2 minutes to spare? Watch our video 😄
[3] Organization accounts 💪
We’ve made some changes to how organization accounts work.
– A new personal account (with the same login credentials) is now created automatically when you convert your account into an organization. By converting your existing account, you preserve your existing integrations.
– We’ve updated the documentation and screenshots to reflect the new UI and account conversion process.
Prefer to watch a video? We’ve got a new one just for you. Click on the gif below to watch a 5 minute guide to how organization accounts work.
[Image “org-gif.gif”] ➡️ Or read our handy docs on organization accounts
[4] Actor compute unit breakdown 🧰
You can now see your compute unit usage breakdown per actor. Just go to Billing and usage and scroll to the bottom of the page. Note that you need to have migrated to the new billing system to see this feature.
[Image “usagebreakdown.png”] ➡️ Read about our new billing system
[5] Join us on Discord 💬
Apify devs and users are chatting now on our Discord server. You can get advice, tips, or just discuss how you use Apify.
Hang out and chat about tech in #general, visit #web-scraping-and-automation to discuss use cases, or go to #help for direct access to the people who really make Apify work.
[Image “discord.png”] ➡️ Join the Apify community on Discord
[6] How to scrape Twitter ⚙️
Our Twitter Scraper lets you extract and download unlimited data from Twitter. No Twitter account needed. No rate limiting. No registered app or API key.
[Image “twitters.jpg”] ➡️ Read our tutorial on how to scrape Twitter
[7] We’re hiring 🚀
We’ve got some strong candidates in the pipeline, but there are still open positions. Contact us now to join the Apify team.
– Product manager
– Backend engineer
– Full-stack engineer
– Technical consultant
– Technical writer
– Graphic designer/illustrator
We’re hackers who always find a way forward, even if it doesn’t look like there is one. Although we no longer fit into a garage, we still have our garage spirit. We’re building the company that we always wanted to work for. Our core values are to be open, innovative and flexible. We respect people’s time and hate wasting it. We work hard and sometimes party hard 🧗🎮🚣⚽🎸🍻
➡️ If that sounds good to you, check out our jobs page
[Image “lifeinapify.jpg”]

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